We use nutritional and exercise coaching to establish a framework of individual goal setting which enables employees to transform their behaviour, positively impacting both work performance and personal achievements. Our experts work directly with you to develop your nutritional infrastructure and wellness programmes so that they mirror and support the lifestyle changes your employees
are making.

The Corperformance team are uniquely qualified to bring effective nutrition and exercise change being physician led with a strong background in elite sport and corporate nutrition:

  • We are medically trained doctors with a clinical background in metabolic and endocrine diseases.
  • We have 15 years experience in delivering nutritional strategies in elite sport including England Rugby, England Cricket and Premiership football. We are currently contributing to Sir Clive Woodward's drive at the British Olympic Association towards London 2012 .
  • We work with many individuals including senior corporate executives and celebrities and we are recognised as nutritional experts with a significant media presence.